Religious Minorities Organize a Massive Protest for their Rights

Religious Right Pakistan| Forced Conversions Pakistan

Scores of individuals from diverse religious minorities came together at the  Frere Hall in Karachi to organize a Minority Rights March on Friday, advocating for relegious minority rights. They were demanding to halt force conversion culture in Pakistan.

The march occurred on Minority Day where an enthusiastic crowd from various corners of the city carrying banners, playcards, and photographs to raise their demands.

A poster was observed saying: “End abductions, harassment, forced marriages, and rape of women and girls from religious minorities.”

The guests requested urging for immediate action to address the pressing concerns confronting the country’s religious minorities.

Protestors majorly requests for the government to put an end to the practice of forced conversions, which has long been a source of distress among minority communities. The protestors emphasized the importance of passing legislation that criminalizes such conversions.

They also advocated for the elimination of any discriminatory sections in the Constitution, with the goal of ensuring equal opportunity for minority people in positions of national leadership.

The speakers  asked to address the legitimate demands and concerns of religious minority groups across Pakistan.


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