Message from High Commissioner for Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Babar Amin, on the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan



High Commissioner

Message from High Commissioner for Pakistan,

H.E. Mr. Babar Amin, on the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan

          On the auspicious occasion of 74th Independence Day of Pakistan, I wish to extend my heartiest greetings to the Pakistani community members living in Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Nauru, and Vanuatu.

           The Pakistan Movement led by our forefathers was a hard-fought political struggle, which eventually culminated in the creation of an independent and sovereign state for us. This Day reminds us of the unparalleled sacrifices rendered by our forefathers to protect our sovereign rights and safeguard our religious, cultural, and social values as well as economic prosperity. Pakistan’s founders wanted a country with equality of human beings, free from persecution based on caste, colour, creed, or social and economic strata. Independence Day is, therefore, an occasion to reaffirm our commitment to the objectives for which Pakistan was brought into existence as a sovereign country.

          On this Day, we pay our deepest respects to our forefathers who made many sacrifices to make it possible. We acknowledge those who by virtue of their sustained hard work in numerous fields ensured the country’s progress.  Our deepest gratitude goes to those who did not hesitate to pay the supreme sacrifice of their lives to protect and sustain the sovereignty of our motherland.

         Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with vast land, enormous natural resources, and immense bounties. Let us reaffirm our resolve today to redouble our efforts to make Pakistan more developed and vibrant in the comity of nations. While continuing our journey towards a bright future, we should never forget about the golden principles of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah of Unity, Faith & Discipline.

          While celebrating Independence, we stand solidly with our brethren in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) who completed one-year of military siege and demographic apartheid, earlier this month. They have been paying enormous sacrifices to realize their inalienable right to self-determination. Pakistan will continue to provide its political, moral, and diplomatic support to their just struggle for self-determination.

          I am happy to acknowledge that the overseas Pakistanis, are an invaluable asset to Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has laid prime importance to their facilitation and wellbeing. It is reassuring that our community has been contributing significantly to the progress and development of Australia and other South Pacific nations. They are also a vital link for people to people contact between our nations. They have worked significantly towards COVID relief efforts for Pakistanis as well as broader community. We look forward to their continued contributions to the progress and development of Pakistan and to the countries of their naturalization.
I take this opportunity to wish you and your families progress, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Happy Independence Day!

Pakistan Paindabad!



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