Minister for Multiculturalism

Australian Citizenship Day 2022

The NSW Government is delighted to join celebrations for Australian Citizenship Day on 17 September.

This day is an opportunity for everyone in New South Wales and across our country to take pride in being Australian, reflect on our responsibilities and privileges, and celebrate our democracy.

More than 5 million people have become citizens since Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949, and as the Minister for Multiculturalism in New South Wales I am proud that many of them have done so in our State.

In NSW, our greatest strength is our diversity and each time someone chooses to become an Australian, we become a more prosperous society for it.

During my time in government, it has been an honour to take part in many citizenship ceremonies. I have always been moved as our new fellow citizens pledge their loyalty to Australia and its people and officially become part of our great nation.

Our shared citizenship is the common bond which unites us all as Australians. To those who are becoming citizens on this day, I am delighted that you have chosen Australia as your new homeland.

The Hon. Mark Coure MP
Minister for Multiculturalism
Minister for Seniors

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