10 Real World Internet of Things IoT Applications Explained in Videos


Amper’s production monitoring system uses machine learning, data science and IoT sensors to enhance the manufacturing process. The sensors register a variety of factors, including energy use and downtime, so factory owners and supervisors can plan schedules, cut costs and pinpoint areas of growth. Its suite of IoT products serves the automotive, financial, retail, mobile and healthcare sectors.

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Many pleasure boats are left unattended for days in summer, and months in winter so such devices provide valuable early alerts of boat flooding, fire, and deep discharge of batteries. Also known as IIoT, industrial IoT devices acquire and analyze data from connected equipment, operational technology , locations, and people. Combined with operational technology monitoring devices, IIoT helps regulate and monitor industrial systems. A growing portion of IoT devices is created for consumer use, including connected vehicles, home automation, wearable technology, connected health, and appliances with remote monitoring capabilities.

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Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic waves that account for about 10% of solar light. When overexposed, UV rays have harmful effects such as skin cancer, premature aging, cataracts, and immune system suppression. IoT sensors measure UV sun rays to warn people not to be exposed during certain hours.

iot technologies list

This family of technologies is ideal for supporting large-scale IoT networks where a significant range is required. Current IoT trends recommend that IoT technology is appropriate to address this challenge. Today, many organizations are providing solutions and arrangements that mean to utilize IoT installed technology in vehicles and traffic systems to design more smart traffic networks, expected to decrease unnecessary traffic and congestion. AutomotiveThe automotive industry stands to realize significant advantages from the use of IoT applications. In addition to the benefits of applying IoT to production lines, sensors can detect impending equipment failure in vehicles already on the road and can alert the driver with details and recommendations.

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Rather than conventional security vulnerabilities, fault injection attacks are on the rise and targeting IoT devices. A fault injection attack is a physical attack on a device to purposefully introduce faults in the system to change the intended behavior. Faults might happen unintentionally by environmental noises and electromagnetic fields. There are ideas stemmed from control-flow integrity to prevent fault injection attacks and system recovery to a healthy state before the fault. Most of the technical security concerns are similar to those of conventional servers, workstations and smartphones.

iot technologies list

The key to building an effective career in IoT is to make sure that you start on the right foot and understand how IoT is intertwined with other technologies. Simplilearn’s Introduction to IoT Training Course will help you get a glimpse into the ever-growing field of IoT and its network of internet-connected objects. The course will familiarize you with popular IoT concepts, its origin, impact, methodologies, tools, and how IoT is integrated into business applications to improve business results. Get started with this course today and learn more about the unlimited possibilities of IoT to advance your career in this field. Augmented Reality glasses are wearable computer-enabled glasses that help you get extra information such as 3D animations and videos to the user’s real-world scenes.

IoT gateways: devices on the intersection of devices/data and IoT platforms

A wireless network of sensors makes up the technology and the sensors that may be incorporated into clothing and collect infinite data points. According to Gartner, wireless IoT connectivity will be outpaced by low-power short-range networks by 2025, by far outnumbering connections build using the wide-area Internet of Things networks. Smartphones will be the way for retailers to remain connected with their consumers even out of store. Interacting through Smartphones and using Beacon technology can help retailers serve their consumers better. They can also track consumers path through a store and improve store layout and place premium products in high traffic areas. The cost of owning a house is the biggest expense in a homeowner’s life.

  • It provides voice-enabled services like alarms, lights, thermostats, volume control and lots more.
  • The sensors register a variety of factors, including energy use and downtime, so factory owners and supervisors can plan schedules, cut costs and pinpoint areas of growth.
  • These systems trigger the clearance process themselves; for example, by generating alerts when a trash bin is full.
  • These health monitoring devices can range from blood pressure and heart rate monitors to advanced devices capable of monitoring specialized implants, such as pacemakers, Fitbit electronic wristbands, or advanced hearing aids.
  • It is not uncommon to see smart cash points with connected cash vending machines.
  • The Internet of Things refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.

With the help of IoT sensors, farmers can make more informed decisions. It will also reduce costs by reducing the use of resources such as pesticides, water, and electricity. Currently is in its golden age, transforming various industries by storing and processing data in a distributed https://globalcloudteam.com/ manner and making enhanced productivity. We help you digitally transform and scale your business through the power of technology and innovation. Identify usability issues, discuss UX improvements, and radically improve your digital product with our UX review sessions.

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Use our vendor lists or research articles to identify how technologies like AI / machine learning / data science, IoT, process mining, RPA, synthetic data can transform your business. IoT fleet tracking systems improve security and provide precise and complete reports that give the fleet managers full transparency towards the fleet’s activities. Through GPS monitoring and geo-location tools, companies can track the location of their trucks, optimize routes and monitor their fleet utilization in detail. IoT sensors enable retailers to control the rotation of products on shelves and warehouses to automate merchandising decisions. We have already written aboutretail analytics use cases,feel free to check it out if you want to learn more. Efento is an IoT sensor and IoT platform vendor that has a variety of temperature measurement products along with wireless monitoring of temperature in medical refrigerators.

iot technologies list

Firstly, IoT devices are physical objects that sense things going on in the physical world. They contain an integrated CPU, network adapter and firmware, and are usually connected to a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol iot development software server. The term “Internet of Things” or IoT was first coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. But it was only when Gartner added IoT to its list of new emerging technologies in 2011, that it started to gain global momentum.

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IoT technology should really be IoT technologies as there are several of course and the ones that matter depend on the goal. However, they fit in this IoT technology stack that has various layers, starting with IoT devices, and myriad technologies per layer. Moreover, IoT solutions typically leverage other technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence , etc. Analytics in IoT requires creating new algorithms, data structures, architectures, and approaches to machine learning if businesses are going to get the full value for the data captured, and knowledge created.


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