Jalil Abbas Jillani Emerges as Strongest Contestant for Interim PM Post

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Islamabad, Pakistan: As the countdown to the current Pakistani government’s final hours begins, the final name for interim minister is being delayed. However, Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Jaleel Abbas Jillani, 58 years, who also has been Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States appears as the strongest candidate for the Interim PM posting.

Though no official verdict has been announced yet. But Members of the ruling PDM coalition, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PPP’s leader Asif Ali Zardari, and other members upped the ante on consultations for the key appointment of a mutually agreed name for the next caretaker PM, several names of politicians and economists surfaced, with ministers revealing that no name has been finalised till time.

But, on Wednesday afternoon (as Pakistani local time), former Pakistani diplomat Abdul Basit shared a tweet congratulating Jillani on his appointment.

The tweet shared by Mr Basit said: “Congratulations to Ambassador (R) Jalil Abbas Jilani on his appointment as caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan. A proud moment for the Foreign Service of Pakistan.”

Other media and news sources with the keen eye on the development also revealed that Jilani was a strong contestant for the interim prime minister who also arrived at the PM House today to meet with top PDM officials including PM Sharif.

Who is Jalil Abbas Jillani?

Jalil Abbas Jilani from Multan is the cousin of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillami and held several key position including foreign secretary of Pakistan after serving as Pakistan’s envoy to the US, and other nations. He was also appointed as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Australia.

An Oxford graduate, Jilani has Masters’s degree in Defense and Strategic Studies and worked at a Pakistan Air Force think tank Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies after bidding adieu to service. He has command on several languages including English, French, and Arabic.


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