Queensland to charge international arrivals for mandatory hotel quarantine from July 1


Queensland is set to begin charging international arrivals quarantined in hotels up to $200 for each day of their mandatory two-week stay.It will be the first Australian state to charge overseas arrivals after national cabinet signed off on the plan last month.From July, individual travelers can expect to pay about $2800 while pairs will need to pay $3700.Families of up to four people could pay up to $4620.

The state government said the measure was introduced to “reduce the financial burden of COVID-19 prevention measures on taxpayers”.It said to date the hotel quarantine measures had cost $19 million and expected the figure to surpass $24 million by the end of this month.The government will continue to fund the costs of security overlay for hotels, transport and logistics, which have not been included in the calculation of costs payable by individuals.The changes come in to effect on July 1 and affect people flying into Queensland from overseas who do not already have a confirmed arrival date.
The jurisdictions, including the Northern Territory, now allow people to see out the quarantine period in their homes or accommodation of their choice.
Queensland health officials have deemed the current risk too high.”This was a critical measure to prevent COVID-19 but it also has been a costly measure to the public,” the government website states.”National cabinet gave the go-ahead for states and territories to start charging international arrivals for quarantining costs [on May 29].”The significant health risk … cannot be appropriately managed at other residences or accommodation providers”.


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