Urdu International Australia organized Dastangoi & Annual Mushaira in Hurstville on Saturday 14th July, 2018


The Urdu International Australia organized Dastangoi & Annual Mushaira in Hurstville on Saturday 14th July, 2018. Renowned poets from India along with local poets participated in the Musharia and large number of classy audience attended the event. The guest poets included Khushbeer Singh & Danish Husain from India and local poets from Australia included: Ashraf Shad, Dr Shabbir Haider, Dr Farhat Iqbal, Arif Sadiq, , Maisam Raza  Lakhani & Rehan Alavi.

Danish Husain was at his best  with his ‘qissabaazi’, story telling show, organised by Urdu International Australia. Uzma Gilani, the legendary Pakistani artist, paid tributes to Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi by reading pieces from his books. It was a houseful show and Dastaangoi was followed by Mushaira presided by Khushbeer Singh Shaad, that was also described by audience as one of the best. Someone commented “Urdu International did it again!”


The shields were presented to Danish Husain and Khushbir Singh Shaad. The awards were also presented to UIA team members: Tariq Mirza, Shahid Malik, Mohammed Ali Bukhari, Farogh Zaidi, Dr Safi Alvi, Mohd Iqbal Ali and Anwar Ghanchi.

The organizing team of the Urdu International Australia thanked to all those who attended the Annual Mushaira in Sydney. It was good effort under the banner of Urdu International Australia, keeping their traditions intact by organizing a wonderful event which will be remembered by Sydney audience for many years.

Sangat team congratulates the whole team of Urdu International Australia for organizing such a  wonderful event.

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Ashraf Shad


Danish Husain

whatsapp-image-2018-07-16-at-2-27-08-pm-2Dr Shabbir Haider


Maisam Lakhani

whatsapp-image-2018-07-16-at-2-27-10-pm-2Arif Sadiq


whatsapp-image-2018-07-16-at-2-27-10-pmDr Baqar Raza


whatsapp-image-2018-07-16-at-2-27-11-pm-2Rehan Alaviwhatsapp-image-2018-07-16-at-2-27-11-pmKhushbeer Singh Shaad


Professor Rais Alavi







titleA group photo after the UIA Mushaira in Sydney, in front from the left: Huma Mirza, Prof. Bilquees Fatima, the Persian scholar, Kaneez Fatima Kiran, founding member of UIA, Fareeda Lakhani, Uzma Gilani and Farhat Iqbal. In the back rows: Sami Qazi, Shams and Ale Ali, Danish Husain, Sadiq Arif, Dr Yasmeen Zaidi, Iqbal Ali, Muhammad Asif, Dr Shabbir Haider, Dr Baqar Raza, Prof Raees Alvi, Khushbeer Singh Shaad, Pakistan’s Consul General Abdul Majid Yousafani, Maisam Lakhani, Ashraf Shad, Farogh Zaidi, Dr Yasmeen Shad, Dr Safi Alvi, Tayyaba Alvi, Mrs Farhat Haider, Marvi Khwaja, Naila Huma and Tehmeena Rao.



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