4th Urdu International Australia Mushaira held in Sydney


The Urdu International Australia organised its 4th Annual UIA Mushaira in Sydney on Saturday 6 May, 2017. Renowned poets from Pakistan along with local poets participated in the Musharia and 300-strong classy audience attended the event. The guest poets included (from Pakistan) Naseer Turabi, Haleem Qureshi, Dr Shahida Sardar and Musaddaq Lakhani (from India) Khushbeer Singh Shaad and Dr Arman Najmi.  Poets from Australia included: Om Krishan Rahat, Ashraf Shad, Dr Shabbir Haider, Arif Sadiq, Kaneez Fatima Kiran, Saba Sadiq, Huma Mirza, Farhat Iqbal, Dr Yasmeen Shad, Farogh Zaidi, Mohammed Ali Bukhari, Dr Yasmeen Zaidi, Shuja Atif, Fareedah Lakhani, Naseem Haider, Tauqueer Hasnain and Javed Nazar.

The organising team of the Urdu International Australia also included Ghazala and Dr Sayeed Khan, Naila and Shahid Malik, Tariq Mirza, Iqbal Ali, Tayyaba and Dr Safi Alvi, Saadia and Shahid Kyani, Anwar Ghanchi, Iqtedar Abdi, Zahid Mirza and Dr Sara and Shehzad Sayed.

Thanks to all those who attended the 4th Annual UIA Mushaira on 6th May in Sydney. It was good effort under the banner of Urdu International Australia, keeping their traditions intact by organizing a wonderful event which will be remembered by Sydney audience for many years. Sangat team congratulates the whole team of Urdu International Australia for organizing a memorable event.

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