The Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams MP hosted End of year celebration 2018 in NSW Parliament House


The Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams MP hosted an evening 2018 in NSW Parliament House and personally thanked some members of the community last night at Parliament House. The function was attended by Victor Dominello, the New South Wales Minister for Finance, Services and Property and Dr. Gorur Krishna Harinath, a prominent doctor and Chairperson of Multicultural NSW.


He said as 2018 draws to a close, we would like to thank everyone in community for the work you do day to day to build a harmonious society. Sending my sincere thanks and best wishes to everyone who attended the multicultural end of year celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to come together and to recognise the outstanding work of our multicultural community leaders and community organizations. The NSW Government thanks you for the vital role you play, day in day out to promote social cohesion and community harmony in our state.




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