The Festivity of Khatme-Quran in the Rooty Hill Mosque


Alhamdulilah, in Ramadan this year (1437 of Hijrah), Qari Muhammad Mujawid Amin led the Tarraweeh prayers at the Rooty Hill Mosque. The mellifluous recitation of Quran by Qari Amin created a blissful atmosphere for the listeners and was greatly appreciated by the community.

Tarraweeh prayers were also arranged at two additional places. In all, ten readings of the Quran were completed in the Tarraweeh prayers, writing a new chapter in the history of this tradition. It is worth noting here that the students of Rooty Hill Madrassah were also involved in the delivery of Tarraweeh prayers. In recognition of their efforts, on the 27 th night of Ramadan, these students were presented certificates and gifts by the association in an impressive ceremony held for Khatme-Quran.

A dinner was also hosted at this occasion where approximately 2500 people, including women and children, participated. The untiring efforts of the imam of Rooty Hill Mosque, Mufti Dr. Asad Ullah Tariq are highly lauded for arranging Tarraweeh prayers and creating an atmosphere for the spiritual growth of the community. It’s also worth noting that Dr. Tariq presented the Quranic lectures throughout the Qiamul-Lail in the last Ashra of the Ramadan.


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