Tariq Mirza’s outstanding book launch of ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’


On Sunday the 14th of July 2019, prominent Urdu-Australian writer, Mr. Tariq Mahmood Mirza, launched his latest book ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’ at a local restaurant in Sydney, Australia, in which many literary personalities from all over Sydney, Canberra, and Wollongong participated. The event was successfully hosted by the prolific poetess, Ms. Huma Mirza and presided over by Dr. Raees Alvi, while special guests included the Consular General of Pakistan, Mr. Abdul-Majid Yousafani and Councillor of Blacktown Council, Mr. Maninder Singh.

bannerProf. Akhlaq Gilani, Prof. Abbas Zaidi, Dr. Shabbir Haidar, and Dr. Muhammad Ali presented riveting and thought-provoking essays on ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’. Subsequently, Mr. Arif Sadiq commented not only on the genre of travel-writing, but reviewed all four travel books by Tariq Mirza in a comedic manner which left the audience amused. Moreover, Dr. Khurram Kayani provided an introspective insight on the importance of Urdu literature and the culture of book reading, and how necessary books are for the survival of a thriving civilisation. This was followed by Ms. Huma Mirza, who recited an eloquent extract from the literary review of ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’ by Prof. Dr. Ali Muhammad Khan, resident at FC College University, Lahore, Pakistan. A poem was also recited by a close friend of the writer, Mr. Akhtar Ali Mughal, who wrote a powerful Urdu Nazam in honour of ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’. Not only were the audience provided with literary commentary on ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’, they were also enlightened with expert reviews on, and key extracts from, Tariq Mirza’s previous travel book, ‘Safar-E-Ishq’, an entrancing text about his spiritual and physical journey at the Hajj pilgrimage. Ms. Huma Mirza started by reciting literary comments on ‘Safar-E-Ishq’ by the renowned Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, whilst Dr. Raza Baqar offered the audience a personal analysis of the book. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’ was thereby conducted by Tariq Mirza and the honourable Consular General of Pakistan, Mr. Abdul-Majid Yousafani, who counselled the elders of the Pakistani community to encourage their children and youth to participate in literary events so as to keep the language of Urdu alive in Australia. Also in attendance was Mr. Maninder Singh, Councillor of Blacktown Council, Sydney, who upon the author’s request, encouraged local writers to donate their Urdu literary books to Blacktown Library.img-20190715-wa0134img-20190715-wa0135img-20190715-wa0132img-20190715-wa0129whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-14-16-26Thereafter, Tariq Mirza began his speech by thanking all attendees, speakers, media personalities, and supporting organisations, namely, HumWatan Sydney and Urdu International Australia, and concluded by reciting key extracts from his book, ‘Dunya Rang Rangeeli’, which was greatly appreciated by all members of the audience. The final speech of the night was by the presiding member, Dr. Raees Alvi, who passionately shed light on Tariq Mirza’s biography, personality, and literary works, and proudly stated, ‘It is our great luck that we reside in the same city as Tariq Mirza’. This exceptional sitting of a hundred-plus shining personalities was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and along with the delectable food at Cheema Da Dhaba, became a memorable event for 2019.img-20190715-wa0126 img-20190715-wa0130img-20190715-wa0131img-20190715-wa0137 img-20190715-wa0138 img-20190715-wa0141 img-20190715-wa0142 img-20190715-wa0144 whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-14-16-26-2img-20190715-wa0143whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-14-16-22-1 whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-34-1 img-20190715-wa0115 img-20190715-wa0114 img-20190715-wa0121whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-32 img-20190715-wa0145whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-34whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-14-16-26-1whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-14-16-25-1img-20190715-wa0123img-20190715-wa0121img-20190715-wa0119img-20190715-wa0116whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-32img-20190714-wa0003whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-03-47whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-03-48whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-03-49whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-30-1whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-30whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-34-1whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-34-2whatsapp-image-2019-07-18-at-15-04-34



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