Sindhi Sangat Australia celebrated Ekta day at Himalaya Restaurant



Sindhi Sangat Australia (SSA) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization in Australia. The standalone and pioneering Australian Sindhi Organization was formed to build strong network of Sindhi’s in the region for shared benefits of indigenous Sindhi’s and by embracing socio-cultural values, practices and achievements of a proud nation. Sindhis in Australia belong to blended background similarly as other people from different parts of world do, majority of Sindhis belong to field of Study, Engineering, Medicine, Law, IT, Public Sector and Armed Forces of Australia.

Belonging to a rich, strong and sufi doctrines culture, obligating to background with decent flavour of music, unique pattern and style of apparels and containing rich history of scrumptious traditional native Sindhi cuisine we celebrate our cultural day whole heartedly enjoying all the tastes of our thousands of year’s old culture

Sindhi Sangat Australia celebrated Cultural day events across Australia , in New South Wales SSA arranged its event on 08th of December, 2018 to promote the strong traditional Sindhi lifestyle and culture. Following the last three years tradition, this year SSA celebrated Ekta day at Himalaya Restaurant with same passion. Dr Mehreen Faruqi Australian Senator for Greens was special guest of the evening, along with Mr Majid Yousfani, Consular General of Pakistan in Sydney, who was also accompanied by Dr Jacky Troy, a researcher in University of Sydney, she is currently working on multiple projects on Pakistani languages

The event started with Australian National anthem followed by message for traditional custodians of land. Beautiful presentations, kids performances, dress and dance competition, live music performances by local bands and vocalists are few quality portions that elevated expectations of interactive crowd during the show. Community high achievers, kids and adult performances were highly admired and awarded certificate of appreciation. Traditional and scrumptious of Pakistani food dishes were served later for community.
Sindhi Sangat Australia-NSW chapter is thankful to their sponsors Tycoon Builders, Sydney Forex, Turn Right-Accidental Replacement Vehicles, ATAX consultants, Sydney Tile, Australian Solar Centre. It was not easy to get recognition without our tremendous support of Media Sponsors, we are thankful to Urdu Point and Radio Bol for our coverage. SSA paying tribute to the land of local custodians, welcomes all kind of multi cultural groups to celebrate different cultures together, as together only we can unlock all the avenues of opportunities.


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