Rafiq Chaudary Produces New TV Serial in Pakistan


A Sydney based film and TV producer has undertaken a mega project now being shot in Lahore, one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan.”Drama serial ‘Faslay hain darmayan” is a beautiful love story that is focused on social issues” says Rafiq Chaudary, the prominent TV Producer, about his new project.

“My production team is doing a great job and working hard to give another super hit serial after Oss. We have already given mega hit this year and now viewers are expecting even better work from me and my team   ,” says Chaudary who was recently in Pakistan to oversee the making of ‘Faslay hain darmayan’.

Faslay hain darmayan s’ is written by famous writer and poet, Syed Wasi Shah, who is credited with many trendy drama serials and is a popular TV anchor in Pakistan.  A veteran director Shahid Zahoor, who has recently directed the mega hit “Heer Ranjha and Oss” for PTV, is directing the serial and also executing this project.

In the main cast there are Fiza Ali, Faiq Khan, Shamyl Khan, Anam Tanveer, Momina Batool, Nida Mumtaz, Munnizah Arif,  Shamoon Abassi, the award winning actor of a recent box-office hit ‘Waar’,  rising film star Rida Isfahani , ,One pound fish fame singer  Muhammad Shahid Nazir  and legendary actors Mohsin Gillani, Aurangzeb Laghari and Khalid Butt and many others .Producer Rafiq Chaudry is also announced a film to be shot in Pakistan and Sydney. I will release more detailed about film very soon” says Rafiq Chaudary.

Pictures can be seen below .



Shahid Zahoor  Director (1)

IMG_1630 (1)

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Shamyl Khan Shahid Nazeer world famous one pound fish

Shamoon Abbasi

Producer Rafiq Ch and Director Shahid Zahoor

Rida Isfahani

Nida Mumtaz, Khalid Butt and Fiza Ali

Nida Mumtaz & Fiza Ali

Munazzah Arif & Anum Batool

Momina Batool

Mohsin Gillani

Khalid Butt & Nida Mumtaz

Faiq Khan

Faiq Khan & Rida Isfahani

Faiq Khan & Fiza Ali

Aurangzaib Lagari Shamoon Abbasi & Fiza Ali

Aurangzaib Lagari and Shamyl Khan

Anum Tanveer


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