Prof. Rahat Munir and Meena Rahat celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.


Prof. Rahat Munir and Meena Rahat arranged a beautiful musical evening at Delhi heights restaurant in Dural . Some close friends were invited to attend the event. It was a wonderful event organized by host which was thoroughly enjoyed by all friends. The singer band sung melodious songs and selected  popular songs. Overall it was a beautiful evening organized by Rahat family.1-03-2021-pics 1e9f0ecf-08bc-4716-8221-f6156996ac98 2bf0c2f1-752d-41e4-ab05-8ab276f12ea4 49a5384c-dee1-4c9d-88fa-e3ce217f3fa9 4654dd33-b711-42cd-8135-8f88b479d842 85245ed9-89fc-42e6-8e9d-4b73eaa0b760 90060fce-8e3d-4df8-9df2-9fb7bac30e50 791774e7-2309-40e3-bd8a-57d3b0fe36f0 a579b1e9-79cd-4e0d-9c4a-d98d8f8ead67 c87e2138-7c8c-4531-b679-59fa54e4b359 dde9c010-97f0-4377-87e6-812e70824804 e1dd9a43-8c51-43d8-8cc1-9822ab9d462cks to Rahat and Meena for their hospitality.



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