NSW Premier comments on Syrian refugee intake


I am thrilled to hear that 12,000 Syrian refugees will soon be able to find safety on our shores, after the Prime Minister today announced a special increase on top of our normal annual refugee intake. I applaud this bold and generous decision.What we’ve seen across our nation, and indeed the globe, over the past few days really does inspire hope in our humanity. When things seem to be at their very worst in the world, we often see the very best in people’s hearts.Something is happening here in Australia. People have united behind the simple idea that our boundless plains are here to be shared, especially with those that are in desperate need.

There are now more displaced people in the world than at other time in recorded history. Half of Syria’s entire population is currently homeless.

We are eager do more than our fair share to assist the Commonwealth Government as they respond to this crisis. And I am certain that people right across NSW will welcome our new Syrian neighbours with open arms and open hearts.


Olivia Suzanski

Media Adviser

Office of the NSW Premier


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