MAcOBs / PMA Graduate Families Dinner Organised By “Pakistani Australian Marine Professionals” in Sydney Australia.




On 23rd Nov 2019 Pakistani Australian Marine Professionals Organised a Pakistan Marine Academy Graduate families Get together dinner in a Restaurant in Sydney.

Green Senator for New South Wales Hon. Dr. Mehreen Fauqui Honoured the Ceremony as Chief Guest along with Guest of Honour Senior Merchant Navy Captain Raza Kirmani Chaired by Our Senior MAcOB in Sydney Sir Khalid Qureshi.

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Families Get together dinner was attended by vast majority of MAcOBs living in Sydney and around, our MAcOB Samar Abbas Specially travelled all the way from Perth to Sydney to attend the Get together and meet other MAcOBs


Khalid Qureshi, Captain Raza Kirmani and Akhtar Ali Mughal presented the PAMP Souvenir Plaque to Hon. Chief Guest Senator Dr. Mehreen Fauqui.


A new children’s book (from Pakistan) Edhi Baba aims to get kids acquainted with one of our greatest heroes Abdul Sattar Edhi. Was sponsored and distributed to all Kids by Shehzad Idrees during the ceremony.

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Stage Secretary Duties were performed by Sajid Rasheed Suddozai, Recitation of Holy Quran was honoured by Raheel Rana and Vote of Thanks was given by Shahab Anwar.

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Ceremony was attended by Following PMA Graduates from various Batches


  • Khalid Qureshi (19N).
  • Imdad Soomro (24N)
  • Mohammad Sarwar (27N)
  • Shahab Anwar (28E)
  • Farhan Talib (28N)
  • Raheel Rana (29E)
  • Akhtar Ali Mughal (29E)
  • Sajid Rasheed Suddozai (30E)
  • Asif Ghauri (30E)
  • Shehzad Idrees (31N)
  • Waleed Memon (31E)
  • Samar Abbas (32E)
  • Imran Ali (33N)
  • Salman khan (38N)
  • Intizar Mehdi -13N were represented by his daughters (Mariam and Nehel Mehdi)

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