Koocha-e-Saqafat arranged a Comedy Show under the name of “Ehtasab and Amnay Samnay”in Sydney


Renowned Pakistani based Artists visited Australia to perform a Pakistani  theatrical Comedy show  “Ehtasab and Amnay Samnay”. It was performed on Saturday 22nd Feb 2020 at Rockdale Town hall. The legendary artists consist of Jawad Wasim, Qavi Khan and Sohail ahmed came all the way from Pakistan to perform  in Australia .

The show was attended by many dignitaries including Consul General of Pakistan Mr Muhammad Ashraf Honorable Shaoqett Moselmane opposition whip, NSW Parliament, renowned TV personality Uzma Gillani, famous community members including President of Pakistan Chamber  Mr Muhammad Asif and many others.

Mr Javed Nazer of Koocha-e-Saqafat put his full efforts to make this event successful which was not only praised by the audience but also Qavi khan, Sohail Ahmed  and all other guests attended the show.

After the show, the second round started under the name of “Amnay Samnay” in which all visiting artists described about themselves that how they started their career and what they have achieved in their lives. Qavi Khan informed that after his last visit to Sydney , he approached all these artists to visit Australia whose audience is described to be the best in the world. He said today it is proven to all my artists who has been given standing ovation by the spectators.

Sangat congratulate Javed Nazar of Koocha-e-Saqafat for presenting such a nice drama for the families in Australia




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