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Javed Nazar is a well-known community leader from Sydney, Australia who founded Koocha-e-Saqafat, Australia, a community organisation for the promotion of peace through art, literature, and sports. Javed is an established Urdu poet, a writer and a former cricketer and coach who has played first class cricket in Pakistan and club cricket in UK, Scotland, UAE and Australia. Javed was born in Karachi Pakistan and has completed Bachelors from University of Karachi. He belongs to a prominent family of Pakistan which includes: his father legendary poet Nazar Amrohvi, Brothers Anjum Ayaz Sculptor, Artist and Theatre Director, Iqbal Nazar Prominent writer and Tariq Nazar Cricketer.


As a Cricketer

Javed started playing cricket when he was in school. He was captain of the cricket team of SM Public School and under his captaincy the school won three inter-school cricket championships. After finishing school he admitted to Shipowners College and was soon appointed vice-captain of his college cricket team where his all-round performance took his team to qualify for semi-finals in Secondary Board ( inter college) competition.

After finishing his college, Javed started playing club cricket in Karachi, Pakistan. In 1980, he was selected for Karachi City Cricket team. In 1980-81, he played first class cricket in Pakistan and represented National Bank of Pakistan in national competition along with famous Pakistani Cricketers such as Wasim Raja, Iqbal Qasim, Taslim Arif, Sajid Ali, Saeed Azad and many others who played test cricket for Pakistan in 1980s.


He has also played English league cricket in the UK where he represented Workington Cricket Club in North Lancashire league as a professional player and coach. In his first season he showed exceptional performance.

In 1981-82 he signed up with Ladegate Cricket Club in Durham country league and received best player of the tournament award that year. His club came top of the league in that season and his performance was exceptional where he took 9 wickets for 36 runs, breaking 100-year-old record of best bowling performance. In another match his team won the Queen Elizabeth cup where in the finals he scored 66 runs and took 6 wickets for 36 runs and he was selected for international Eleven.

In 1982-84 and in 1989 he played in Scotland for Motherwell and Thornlie Bank Cricket Club in Scottish League.

In 1989, Javed moved to Australia and signed up with Petersham Cricket Club in grade cricket in Sydney. In one of the matches he set a new bowling record by taking 6 wickets for 32 runs against UNSW in grade cricket for his club. In 1991-92 he played one season for Motherwell and few matches for Foldhouse Victoria in Scottish League.


In 1992, he played in UAE local tournament for Barcklays Bank as a guest player and in 1996, he signed up with south Sydney District Club first as a player and then coach for 7 seven years until 2002. He was the first ever overseas player signed up by the then club president Mr Peter Daffen. The club reached top position in the league during his time that was accredited to his performance as a player and coach.

Poet and Writer


Javed became interested in writing Urdu poetry and is influenced from his father Nazar Amrohvi (Urdu poet of Sub-Continent). Javed has distinctive style of recitation of poetry in public events and international mushairas that is always applauded by his growing fan base in Australia and overseas. He also writes Ghazal and Nazam to express his ideas and feelings. He is equally popular in both genres of his poetry. His work has been published in some of the top literary magazines of Pakistan including ‘Seep’ and ‘Collage’. In acknowledgement of his literary work and service to Urdu language through writings and community activities. He has been granted life membership of Urdu international Australia. His literary work is compiled in a book “Kuch Kehna Hai” published in 2019.

Gulzar Sahab presenting his book to Javed Nazar



Story writing

Javed also writes short stories in Urdu. The inspiration of which came from his brother, Iqbal Nazar, another PTV award winning writer form Pakistan. Javed’s writings are fiction and are based on h is personal experiences and realities of life. These short stories are popular in both general public and literacy circles. These stories are regularly published in literary magazines. One of his short story ‘Tajdeed-e-Wafa’ was published in the top Urdu collection ‘Urdu Afsana Ehde Hazir Mein’. His story was selected for publishing from 400 entries around the world.  His book of short stories is launched in early 2019 “Kuch Kehna Hai”.

With Popular Meeruthi

With prominent writer Anwar Maqsood

With renowned Pakistani actor, producer and broadcaster Zia Mohiuddin

With Javed Akhtar

Koocha-e Saqafat Australia

Koocha-e-Saqafat Australia is founded in 2014. Koocha-e-Saqafat is a community-based organisation that was formed for the primary purpose of promoting cultural awareness among diverse communities in Australia. The organisation achieves its goals through organising art, cultural, literary, and sporting events with the objective of creating social cohesiveness in multicultural Australia. Javed through his creative mind has made Koocha-e-Saqafat, a trend setter for such activities in Sydney and has the pride of organising many unique and quality events. Some of their flagship events that received highest praise from the community are:

  • Pakistan 70 ka, Anwar Maqsood 78 Ka
  • Taleem-e-Balighan
  • Rubaru
  • Aao Manto Karein
  • Rockdale Art Festival
  • Baatain Fun Ki, Yadain Man Ki
  • This is Pakistan-Exhibition
  • Colour of Love
  • Message of Love
  • Three Legends
  • Under 14 Exhibition Cricket Match
  • Ehtesab
  • AMnay Samnay
  • Islamic Caligraphy by Anjum Ayaz Exhibition
  • NAAT Competition
  • Maidan e fun main eik hi tou hai qavi
  •  img_5539

Sitting from right Qavi Khan, Qazi Wajid, Bahroz Sabzwari, Shazad Raza,Javed Rizvi, Ayaz Khan


Javed Nazar, Shiekh Uzair Akbar, Prof Rahat Munir,Muhammad Asif President Australia Pakistan

Chamber, Legendary Artist Uzma Gillani and Bushra Salam Consul



with Legendary Personality Late Junaid Jamshed 

Javed Nazar with Sohail Ahmed

Javed Nazar with Legendary artist Qavi Khan.

Javed Nazar with great artist Uzma Gillani

Javed Nazar with Mustansar Hussain Tara


13  15 16

Standing from left to right Zubair Minto, Javed Nazar, Shiekh Uzair Akbar,

 Muhammad Asif  President Australia Pakistan Chamber, Prof Rahat Munir


Exhibition inauguration standing from left to right Shafaat Kaleem Council, Abdul Aziz Uqaili Consul General,

Naila Chauhan High Commissioner, Javed Nazar and Ayesha Bux


standing left to right  Javed Nazar, Hon Shaoquett Moselmane, Anwar Maqsood, Uzma Gillani 

and Abdul Majid Yousfani Consul General of Pakistan 



Sitting from left to right Sheryar Khan Counsul, Mohammad Ashraf Consul General of Pakistan, 

Muhammad Asif  President Australia Pakistan Chamber and Mrs. Asif


Javed had been commended as a result of his efforts Koocha-e-Saqafat and was mentioned in the NSW parliament for their efforts for Urdu speaking community in Sydney. In 2017, NSW parliament formally acknowledged Javed’s contributions for the community and awarded an award that was presented to Javed Nazar by HE Shaoquett Moselmane.

Javed was also presented award for his contribution to the Arts and culture in Australia by the Rockdale Mayor Bill Saravinovski

Certificate of Appreciation was presented by renowned artist Mr. Anwar Maqsood to Javed Nazar for his event in Australia.1
receiving award from Hon Shaoquett moselmane MLC

standing left to right Sculptor Anjum ayaz, Javed Nazar, Rockdale Mayor Bill Saravinovski,
Hon Shaoquett Moselmane and Bushra Salam

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