Flag Hosting Ceremony To Mark 70th Independence Day of Pakistan Held At Pakistan House, Sydney.



SYDNEY, 14 August, 2017:   It was a bright sunny day and a very pleasant weather in Sydney on Monday morning when at 10.00 am, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day, Pakistani flag was hoisted in PAKISTAN HOUSE at 3 Rorke Street,Beecroft (Sydney), NSW, Australia. Mr. Abdul Majid Yousfani, the Consul General & Trade Commissioner of Pakistan, in the presence of large number of Pakistani community members in New South Wales State of Australia, slowly and gradually raised the green and white Pakistani flag, while the national anthem was played in the background. It was a proud moment for all those present when they sang “Pak Sir Zameen Shad Bad …..”, the national anthem of Pakistan, while Pakistani flag was being upraised at Pakistan House.

Mr. Yousfani, soon after assuming his official responsibilities in Sydney in early 2016, had continued an essential and much desired tradition of organizing a formal ceremony to mark the independence anniversary of our beloved homeland Pakistan in Sydney. This was his second  year in a row that the function was held at the same venue.

Despite being a working day, a large number of Pakistanis, both ladies and gents, working and residing in different parts of New South Wales warmly welcomed the invitation of the Consul General and participated in the ceremony. Few families also brought their children to the ceremony. It was an open invitation to all Pakistanis in Australia, which was announced and publicised  Sydney wide in all functions.

Most of the guests reached Pakistan House half an hour before the time of flag hoisting, therefore, the ceremony started sharp on time at 10.00 AM with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Brother Abdul Rahman followed by the flag hoisting, which was performed by Consul General, Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili, in the presence of Srilankan Consul General  and distinguished community members. Ms. Bushra Salam , the  Consul, read the Independence Day messages of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, while Mr. Yousfani delivered the message of the President of Pakistan. This time both the messages were delivered  in Urdu.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Yousfani, lauded the invaluable services of the consulate staff for their support in facilitating the community through professional services. The Consul General also appreciated the support of the community members in making Consulate’s initiatives successful, particularly Mrs. Naima, Mr Hashim Robinson , Ejaz Paracha, Waseem Shah, Kamil Khan, Shaheen Sb, Mehreen Javed, Zafar Hussain Shah, Nazeer Ul Hassan Thanvi & Muhammad Asif for putting their extra efforts in making this event successful.  He informed the community that, since the day he took over, he is following an open door policy in the Consulate premises, besides reaching out to the community in their public programmes or other events. He stated that irrespective of their origin, the faith they profess and the language they speak, the Consul General and all the staff of the Consulate were serving the community with devotion and dedication. They were at their service all the time and, in case of any emergency, happily respond to the call of the community members. He stressed the need to remain united and to shun petty differences among us for the sake of country and our nation.

Mr. Waseem Shah & Riaz Shah sung the national songs on the occasion which was appreciated and commended by the audience

Finally, Maulana Rehan offered prayers (dua) for the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan and the nation.

In the end, traditional morning breakfast of Pakistan, Halwa Poori, Sabzi, Chanay, Sandwiches, rolls, Samosa, fruits & Kashmiri tea was served to all the guests.

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