Consulate General of Pakistan & Trade Commissioner hosted a dinner for visiting delegation from Pakistan


Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, Consulate General of Pakistan &Trade Commissioner hosted a dinner to honour delegation from Pakistan representing at Australia Beauty Expo 2017. Delegation was introduced with prominent Australian Pakistan community members and provided a great opportunity to networking with them . Members of delegation highly appreciated the efforts of Consulate General in making their visit extremely fruitful, successful and they are going back with memories and achievements.


In Picture from Left:  Abbas Rana ( President Pakistan Association of Australia), Hakeem Mohd Usman ( CEO Marhaba Pakistan), Abdul Majid Yousafani (Consulate General Pakistan), Hassan Kanji (Honorary Investment Consul). Muhammad Asif (President Australia Pakistan Chamber of Commerce ). Dr. Khurram Kayani ( Chief Executive Pakistani Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs Syndicate Australia), Ashraf Shad, Mohd Amir, Asad Jatoi (TDO Pak Consulate), Rajab Khan, Dr Muhammad Bilal, Zain Sharif and many others.

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