Pakistan Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony Held in Sydney on 23rd March


The Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney organized a “Flag Hoisting” ceremony at West Pennant Hill Community Hall.
Mr. Abdul Majid Yousfani raised the Pakistani flag in tandem with the national anthem at 10 am hours on 23 March 2018.
The messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out to the community. Around 200 Pakistanis attended the flag hoisting.
Later, the Consul General addressed the community appreciating their role in Australian economy and other fields. He said Pakistan Day is an occasion that reminds us of the vision of our leaders and creates vibes among the young and the old equally to uphold the noble ideals which were set by the architects of the Pakistan Resolution. The adoption of the Resolution on 23rd March 1940 was reflective of the dream for a Separate homeland where everyone would live in peace and prosperity on the basis of equity and fairness. The resolution particularly called for adequate, Effective and mandatory safeguards in the constitution of the country for minorities in order to ensure the protection of their rights. It also authorized a working committee to frame a constitution in accordance with the basic principles and paved the way for a formal and firm demand for creation of Pakistan.

In the end Pakistan Consulate had arranged a traditional Pakistani breakfast HALWA PURI which was served thoroughly enjoyed by the public attending the event.Breakfast was prepared by Desi Lounge HarrisPark.

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