Australian Delegation Led By Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, Consul General of Pakistan Visited EXPO Pakistan In Karachi


A large delegation under the leadership of  Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani visited EXPO Pakistan which was started from 09-12 Novemebr 2017 held in Karachi Pakistan.The other memebrs of delegation were Mr. Muhammad Asif,President Australia Pakistan Chamber Of Commerce, Mr Ejaz Paracha, Vice President Australia Pakistan  Chamber Of Commerce ,Mr Aaron Robinson, Mr Faisal Shamsi, Mr Praveen, Mr,Insaf Ali Khan, Mr Munir Mohammad, Mr Fazal Fariwala, Mian Aamir, Mr Zulfiqar Ali from FIJI, Mr HusainKomal from P & G , Mr Shoaib Haroon , Mr Zain Shariff , Mr Ovais , Mr Shahid Malik and Mr Shamsher Kanji.


The delegation atteneded differrent forums that includes meetings with Sindh Investment board, Software Exports, MOU signing between APCCI and  FPCCI  at Federation House  at karachi on 10th,  November 2017, visited EXPO stalls at expo Centre Karachi,MOU signing between APCCI & Lahore Chambers of Commerce on 11 Nov. 2017.There were many dinners hosted in the honour of delegation by Mr Insaf ALi Khan & Munir Mohammad combinely, minister of Commerce at Mohatta Palace, Mr Abdul Aziz Member SIndh board of revenue &  Mr  Parvez Madraswala.


The delegation members had many B2B meetings as per their requirement which will result a fruitful impact towards the promotion of business between the two countries. The members were very impressed with the leadership of Mr Yousfani who had showed his professionalism in handling each & every member of delegation. Overall the visit was a total success that will generate  more business opportunities for both the countries.

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