Australia Pakistan Medical Association Eid Milan Cruise in Sydney


APMA organised Eid Cruise 2017 at Sydney Harbour on the 2 July 2017. The event was an incredible success and it was great opportunity to meet so many people face to face to see so many attendees with diverse backgrounds, enjoying themselves. APMA President Dr Imran Kassam welcomed new members on his behalf and executive committee.

This year  APMA dedicate the Eid cruise to support a not for profit organisation CLAN. CLAN is an acronym for Caring & Living As Neighbours. CLAN is an Australian-based not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO), approved by AusAID for Overseas Aid Gift Deductibility Status (OAGDS) and the Australian Taxation Office for Tax Deductibility Status.

The highlight of the event was the fundraising. On this day they manage to raise nearly $27,000 to support CLAN in achieving better health outcomes for children in desperate need of help in Pakistan. This was not possible without generous support by the attendees. All donations give HOPE to these children and will go a long way in bringing change to their lives.

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