Australia Pakistan Chamber & Sarhad Chamber of Commerce signed MoU at Pakistan Consulate office in Sydney


Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President of the chamber, Engr. Maqsood Anwar Pervaiz is currently on a visit to Australia. During his visit in sydney, Australia Pakistan Chamber of Trade Commerce and Industry (APC) held discussions with SCCI and hosted a lunch to fete the distinguished guests from Pakistan.  On arrival of the guests, Muhammad Asif, the president of APC formally welcomed the guest and provided a brief description of the aims and objectives of the host organisation.  He highlighted the benefits of collaboration between SCCI and APC and vowed to strengthen the relations between the two chambers.He thanked Mr Mohammad Ashraf,Consul General & Mr Asadullah Jatoi, Trade development Officer for hosting this event at Pakistan Consulate Office in Sydney.

Mr. Mohammad Ashraf, the Consul General of Pakistan in Consulate office Sydney  spoke on the occasion and emphasized the need for Pakistan business community to actively seek opportunities in Australia and offered his services to promote the Pakistani businesses in the local market place. He offered his full cooperation in building the business relationship between Pakistan & Australia.

Replying to the kind words of the Consul General, the president of SCCI, Engr. Maqsood Anwar Pervaiz, thanked APC for hosting the event and welcomed the support he was offered by the Consul General.  He was highly satisfied with his discussions with the local business community and could foresee a great potential for business development in Australia.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on the occasion to commit the two chambers to further collaboration.  The MOU is likely to pave the way for a lasting and fruitful relationship between the two chambers.

Mr Muhammad Asif presented the trophy to Engr. Maqsood Anwar Pervaiz as a good gesture for visiting Australia and vice versa Mr Maqsood also presented trophy to Mr Asif on this memorable occasion.

Finally, a sumptuous lunch was served in Lal Qila resturant and the light conversation among the participants lasted well over the traditional Pakistani food.

The APC team present on the occasion included  Joint Secretary, Mr. Sarfraz Aslam, Mr Mohammed Abid, Treasurer, Mr Rizwan rana, Member , Mr Altaf Khan, Member.

Overall it was a wonderful event organised at Consulate office in Sydney.


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