Australia Pakistan Chamber Congratulates Dr. Nadir Hafiz and Unity Panel for winning PTI NSW Intra-Party elections.


Congratulations to Dr. Nadir Hafiz and Unity Panel for winning PTI NSW Intra-Party elections 2020 held on 3rd September 2020. The results were outstanding as below,

  • Out of 518, 494 votes were casted (95.37%)
  • “Unity” panel with 315 votes is declared successful: in the Australia.

We would like to applaud also to the collaborators panel for their hard work and showing positive spirit throughout the election process.

To Dr. Nadir Hafiz, Head of PTI, we are confident that he will ensure that all points of the manifesto are adhered to and address Pakistani’s voice who are in abroad in all forums. Once again, we wish you all the best From Australia Pakistan Chamber.


Muhammad Asif

President, Australia Pakistan Chamber118654112_951361798694940_7827984992809128934_o pti


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