Australia Pakistan Chamber (APC) and Canada Pakistan Affiliated Chamber Of Trade (CPACT) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday 19th August , 2019 at Consulate General Of Pakistan Office in Toronto.


Memorandum Of  Understanding (MOU) was signed by Mr Muhammad Asif , President APC & Mr Mansha Rasheed,  President CPACT. On this occasion Mr.Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, Consul General Of Pakistan in Toronto, Col Nasir , Chairman CPACT, Mr Mohammad Rashid, Vice Chairman CPACT, Mr Mohammed Abid, Treasurer APC and Mr Hanif Tawakal, Prominent Businessman of  Pakistan  were  present to witness this occasion. The MOU is likely to pave the way for a lasting and fruitful relationship between the two bodies.
Mr  Muhammad Asif presented a  shield to Mr Mansha Rasheed and to Consul General of Pakistan in Torinto and likewise Mr Mansha Rasheed presented shield to Mr Muhammad  Asif  as a good gesture on this memorable occasion.

Mr Muhammad Asif in his speech reiterated that they will be facilitating CPACT to promote existing and potential  businesses. He thanked Consul General Pakistan Mr imran Siddiqui for offering his office to sign this MOU.

Mr Rasheed in his speech said that they want to utilize this MOU by implementing it and not keeping it just as a document. He said this will further stregthen their relationship with APC.

Col. Nasir talked about exchange  between the countries to boost business amongst each other.

Mr  Mohammad Rashid thanked CG Pakistan for providing this opportunity and hoped that this MOU  will be a good addition to grow business between Canada, Australia & Pakistan.

Mr Hanif Tawakal said that APC and CPACT will play their role to boost business relationship between the countries.

Overall, this was a successful event organized by CPACT in  Consulate General Office in  Toronto.

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