Australia Pakistan Chamber and MUSIAD, Sydney organised A webinar titled “CYBER-SECURITY” in Sydney.


A webinar titled “CYBER-SECURITY” was held in Sydney, AUSTRALIA on 19th August 2020.

The Webinar was organized for the very first time by President Muhammad Asif, Australia Pakistan chamber and Mr. Hasan Gencturk, President of MUSIAD Sydney seeking to protect businesses from cyber threat specially during Covid-19 when everyone is using digital platform while unaware of big threats.  The event was moderated by Mr. Yasin Koksal who actively participated throughout the webinar. Mr. Hamza Asif started the proceedings with the recitation of Holy Quran in his melodious voice.

The Lead Speakers were Dr. Aftab Rizvi, CEO of Risk Associates offering information security compliance, PCI DSS and PA DSS accreditation services, and by Mr. Soner Coruhlu, Managing Director from InfoTech infrastructure providers.

A big Thankyou to Hon. Mohammad Ashraf, Consul General at Consulate General of Pakistan and to Hon. Turkish First Counsellor Osman ilhan who contributed their valuable time by attending this webinar.

asif-sirMr. Muhammad Asif, president, Australia Pakistan chamber welcomed everyone who attended the webinar. In his remarks, he stated that Australia Pakistan Chamber is focused on the development of business relations between the companies, businesses which are related to commercial, financial, industrial, and civic interests of the Pakistani and Australian community residing in Australia. During these unprecedented Covid times, when everyone is using digital platform, there is an increased demand for home based secure computer systems and network to protect their data and information. It’s necessary to keep safety measures in place and avoid data breaches.

hasanMr. Hasan Gencturk, President of “MUSIAD” Sydney, in his welcome speech, thanked everyone. He said MUSIAD was founded in 1990 and the aim of the organization is to provide a platform for DEVELOPMENT, DIALOGUE, COLLABORATION and SOLIDARITY for businessmen and institutions all around the globe with the purpose of contributing to the social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and technological development of individuals and institutions, our society, our region and the world. He requested to Lead speakers to contribute their ideas and vision on cyber-attack.

moh-ashMr. Muhammad Ashraf, Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney thanked the Australia Pakistan Chamber and MUSIAD for an invitation on valuable webinar on Cyber-security. He stated that, in this digital age, Cybersecurity is very important to protect business from cyber threats. He stated that Covid19 not only created the global health crisis at unprecedented scale but also initiated resetting of the entire global economic system.

Mr. Ilhan OsmanMr. Osman ilhan, Turkish First Counsellor thanked the organizing parties Australia Pakistan Chamber and MUSIAD, Sydney for an invitation. He focused on the relationship between Pakistan, Turkish and Australia, he said we can’t avoid using technology and must protect our key defence sectors, intelligence and technology through cooperation during this Covid times.

ashrafThe Lead speaker Dr. Aftab Rizvi, CEO of Risk Associates, in his remarks stated that the technology is inevitably changing. Now during covid-19, when fast forward scenario is going on which would have been coming in next 5-6 years, but unfortunately, we are facing it right now due to Covid pandemic. In this scenario, we need to protect our assets from cyber-attacks. He said the winners are who can change and understand the new risks by identifying the digital controls through awareness. Moreover, Dr. Rizvi highlighted the definition of Cybersecurity which has changed over modern era and critical infrastructure which is very important for any business.

sonerAnother speaker Mr. Soner Coruhlu, Managing Director from InfoTech infrastructure providers informed the audience about the common methods of attack in terms of cyber security we currently facing. He shed light on competitive intelligence so that we can make our key information safe in terms of security risks. He said, any information which is present on world wide web or even stored on web-based machine is not safe and this is the biggest risk factor. Information capital is one of the most valuable assets in any organization becomes the biggest risk factor in this Covid pandemic when everyone is using digital platform. Common attacks were traditional passwords by using easily guessed passwords, social-engineering attacks, phishing attack, social media attacks.

The webinar was attended by many scholars, intellectuals, members and guests of Australia Pakistan chamber and MUSIAD from all states and territories. Mr. Muhammad Asif President, APC and Mr. Hasan Gencturk, President, MUSIAD, Sydney thanked all participants who spent their precious time after hours to attend this webinar. It was a successful event arranged by both the organizations.



Mr. Yasin Koksal

Mr. Yasin Koksal

Mr. Mohammed Abid

Mr. Mohammed Abid

Hamza Asif

Hamza Asif











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