NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian Hosted Iftar Dinner at Parliament House


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian  hosted  iftar dinner for  NSW Muslim community  at NSW Parliament House on 22 May 2019. The Premier’s Iftar was attended by  Members of Parliament, Muslim Imams and community leaders, as well as religious leaders from other faiths.At the dinner, Ms Berejiklian said: “It is an honour to host an Iftar dinner – the breaking of the fast – with members of the NSW community who are observing Ramadan.Ramadan holds special significance in the life of Muslim Australians. It is a time of spiritual reflection and asks members of the Islamic faith to fast between sunrise and sunset

Iftar constitutes the evening meal at sunset to break the day long fast called Saum that Muslims observe during the fasting month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.

“The focus and reflective nature of Ramadan is a timely reminder of the values we all share, including kindness, honesty, family and charity. These are values that contribute to the strength of our multifaith, and multicultural State, which the NSW  Government supports. I’d like to wish everyone observing the holy month, Ramadan Mubarak,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Minister for Multiculturalism,sports, senior and veterans, Mr John Sidoti, who attended the Premier’s Iftar Dinner, said the annual event reflected the efforts of the NSW Muslim community to promote interfaith harmony and understanding.

“Looking around the room, it was humbling to see so many political, religious and community leaders from different faiths and backgrounds eating together,” he said.

The Ifter dinner was attended by many consul Generals of various Muslim  countries including Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, Consul General for Pakistan.

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