4th Easylink tournament was successfully held in NORTH ROCK.



4th Easylink tournament was successfully held in NORTH ROCK.

Easylink Group continued with the tradition of holding annual Easylink Badminton Trophy Challenge and successfully held the fourth badminton tournament.

Muhammad Asif, Chief Executive of Easylink Group, thanked the participants for a successful tournament.


In anticipation of this keenly contested tournament, the players spent most of the year gearing up for this challenge.  Inclusion of a few young players this year guaranteed a high level of effort from all the participants and some incredible badminton was played over several weeks of this fantastic sporting activity.  As with the last year, Easylink provided the game shirts for each player.

whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-30-pm-1 Altaf, Umer, Asif Burki, Ahsan, Habib, Muhammad Asif , Faisal Amin gave their all in the group matches and played some thrilling matches with each other.

The singles final lived up to its expectation and was a top billing of the tournament.  After a marathon four games, Kashif was able to edge out  Faheem by the skin of his teeth and was crowned the singles champion for 2021.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-30-pm
For the doubles championship, pairs played amongst each other and the top four teams moved to the semi-final stage.  As with the singles, a high-class badminton was witnessed in the doubles championship and after completion of the preliminary matches, the teams Faheem/Umer & Altaf/Shahid qualified for the finals.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-31-pm-1 The doubles final was also a nail biting contest and after a close first game, won by Faheem/Umer duo, the following two games were won by Shahid /Altaf pair in a fairly commanding manner.  Finally Faheem/Umer won the doubles final 3 games to two.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-31-pm-2 whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-31-pm A large number of spectators, especially invited for this occasion, greatly appreciated the quality of badminton on display in the final. A prize distribution ceremony was held at the end of the finals. Mr Faheem Jafar was the MC for this ceremony, who highlighted the purpose and tournament rules tonally audience.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-32-pm The chief guest on the occasion, Mr Mihammad Ashraf , the Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney, handed out the trophies to the winners and runners up and individual medals to all of them. Two more award were given to Mr Australia for 2020 Mr Husnain Vali Karimi who won the title for 2020 and Mr Khurram Kayani, President PPBSA.
Media medals were awarded to Mohammed Abid SANGAT Australia online magazine, Raja Aslam Bureau Chief HUMWATAN news.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-33-pm-1
whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-33-pm-2 Special thank to Mr Mohammed Abid of SANGAT magazine who was acknowledged for his time efforts being given for his community services.
A special award was an offer this year for the player who showed great enthusiasm and sports-man-spirit during the tournament.  The management committee unanimously decided that Amjad deserved this award, who was presented with the trophy for the Fair player of the Tournament.
Congratulations to all the winners and participants.whatsapp-image-2021-02-12-at-12-02-33-pm-3
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